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Trust us at DDP Accounting & Bookkeeping for all your VAT Return filing needs; we are all ears to your VAT woes. We bring your business on the right track with regards to VAT Return filing.

What is VAT Return filing?

VAT Return filing is an official statement that needs to be submitted to the Federal Tax Authority regarding the VAT paid on the taxable goods and services during a specific period. It is mandatory for businesses to file the VAT return in order to comply with the FTA laws and rules. It should include the details regarding any output tax due and input tax recoverable along with other information.

Any taxable person can file the returns or any other person authorised to file on the taxable person’s behalf. VAT Returns can be filed on a quarterly basis but certain businesses are required to file the Return every month.

When should one file the VAT Return?

Timely filing of return will save businessmen time and effort and will also prove to be hassle free. As per the FTA, VAT return filing can be no later than 28th of the month following the tax period. VAT Return can be filed only once the VAT has been paid to the authorities.

What should be taken care of while filing for VAT Return?

Taxable person and his details will be generated automatically but the person has to keep the following factors in mind while filing for the VAT Return.

  • The amount should in UAE currency.
  • The amount should be rounded off.
  • All mandatory fields need to be filled properly.

How can one file for VAT Return?

Businesses can file the VAT Return using FTA’s e-filing portal. One cannot to do it manually as the entire process has to be done online.

Why VAT Return filing is important?

VAT Return is nothing but an official statement of total VAT collected and paid within a specific time frame. It is an official method of notifying the revenue authorities regarding the VAT details. Also, since VAT Return is prepared based on the ledgers and statements, it makes accounting easy for the businesses.

Why use DDP Accounting & Bookkeeping ’s services for VAT Return filing?

Although, the filing has to be done online on the FTA’s online portal, our team of expert and dedicated accountants will guide you through the process and meet all the requirements made by the FTA and adhere to the rules and laws laid by them. We will help you through easy and smooth filing of VAT Return.

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