VAT Compliance Services in UAE

DDPAB is Aimed to be A One-Stop Solution for All VAT Related Compliance in UAE

VAT Compliance Services UAE

Rely on our professional and expert team to fulfill all the VAT related services and we will help and guide you through VAT Compliance requirements and regulations. We at the DDP Accounting & Bookkeeping are here to ease your foray into VAT and make sure you meet all the rules and laws necessary to be VAT compliant.

Every business has to comply with the FTA rules and regulations regarding VAT in order save themselves from fines, heavy penalties and other legal hassles. In case the businesses do not furnish complete information, submit incorrect or incomplete filing, or avoid taxation deliberately, there are strict laws pertaining to the same.

For any business to be VAT compliant, it has to register itself with the FTA and furnish all the details necessary for VAT registration. Also, there must be proper implementation of VAT in the business and the transition should be smooth. Next, the business has to file proper VAT returns for it to meet VAT compliancy.

VAT may seem to be simple in theory but practically, it can prove to be quite complex when implementing. For proper and smooth implementation of VAT, one requires professional and qualified support and we at DDP Accounting & Bookkeeping are here round the clock to do just that.

Our VAT services will help you be VAT compliant and our services include

  • Guiding through the VAT registration process with all the necessary paperwork and documentation
  • Proper filing of VAT Returns
  • Assistance in VAT Audit
  • Day to day VAT advisory

Requirements of VAT Compliance are as follows

  • Bank Statement
  • Invoices Issued
  • Credit Notes
  • Invoices received
  • Debit notes
  • VAT ledger

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